Happy New Year from The Studio!! It has been a big week for me! There is the obvious changing of the calendar, I started my new blog, and as always I have been working on projects and trying to get things made.
I finished a hat for GameFox, and now the Fisherman wants a special order one. I am custom creating most of the pattern as I go which is always an adventure. I am also about to order some new chainmail rings. The pliers are calling to me and slave to my hobbies that I am, I will be heeding that call. Next week I will be starting a blog 101 class, really looking forward to that. I am also gonna try and get Fisherman’s hat done, and the sewing project I have finished up.

As I sit at my desk my thoughts turn to the big yearly question. What is my New Year resolution? This is something I have kicked around for the last week or so and the answer is simple; I am going to learn to knit….at some point this year.
I have decided that setting some huge lofty goal that I have a whole year to manage is folly at best. Also, allot can happen in a year. I think a much better plan is to set smaller goals each month, something roughly bite sized instead of “Oh I am gonna get fit, and write that book I always wanted to do, and make a ton of stuff for friends, family and my etsy shop!” Why not, “OK, this month I am gonna work out a little on my days off, finish at least one chapter, and get these three projects done.”

Small goals are less daunting, and feel easier to reach. You also get the added bonus of if you do a little extra you can pat yourself on the back and say, “Hey look! I worked out on my days off and one other day in the week for 2 weeks, and I got my chapter finished and the next started! And look, 4 whole projects instead of 3!!” Look at you! You rock! And on the off chance you fall short, it’s ok, life happens. So you skipped a few days off, or didn’t write much, or the projects took longer than planned, so you missed that goal, its ok. Just adjust the next month’s goals. Maybe something big happened, maybe you took on too much. Just keep going.

So this month my goals will stay simple. I want to do my blog posts according to my current game plan, finish the projects on my desk, and at least 2 others. And of course keep up with all my other normal life stuff. What are yours?