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As I go about my daily house work and trying to once again put a dent in my to-do list I find myself getting frustrated at the never ending seeming nature of what I have to get done. I often think to myself that I always “have a mountain of things ahead of me to get done.”. It can be over whelming, and frustrating and yes, even kind of depressing at times.

And none of us started with a Mountain, or the desire to have one, they just kind of grow up around us, one task at a time. The kids get older, and messier, and just them being in school adds to your to-do list, plus if they are into any extra things, like a sport, or dance, or an art, or music, or clubs, or whatever makes them happy. And then there are the things you yourself are into, hobbies, clubs, possible social and or religious commitments, if you work. There is always something that demands your time and attention on top of keeping up the house and cooking and caring for kids. Then there has to slow down because you or someone in your home becomes sick, and you have to take care of that. That Mountain is Always going to be there.

Today it hit me; it’s ok if it’s always there. Because it will be. The trick is to change the landscape of it. Today’s Mountain may look like “Do 4 loads laundry, dust, pick kids up from their friends’ house, make dinner, go to PTA meeting”, tomorrow’s may look like “Go grocery shopping, sort out toy bins, take car for oil change, meet friend for coffee, change bedding in my room.” Both days have lists of things that need to be done on top of the normal cooking, cleaning, helping with home work, dealing with kids routine that fill every Mom’s day. The important part is the Mountain was different, the landscape changed.

We are busy creatures by nature; there is always that one more thing that needs to be done. The three greatest things we can do for ourselves when facing our Mountains is One, note the change in the “landscape”, that is progress; you are winning the unending battle Mom! Two, let yourself enjoy the victory of making that progress. As my one friend puts it “Don’t ‘should’ on yourself. IE ‘I should have done this, or I should have done that.” Three, forgive yourself for anything that was more then you could have got done. Ok, so you only got 3 out of 5 things done, chances are it’s because one or more of those three things became allot more complicated than planned on. That’s part of life, and normally beyond our control. It’s ok. It will likely still be there tomorrow and you can adjust what you need to do then to deal with it. You are Super Mom, not the Perfect Mom! Just keep going. That’s what you do.