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I saw a picture the other day that got the wheels in my mind turning again. I know, always a dangerous thing. It was of this lady’s first attempt at a new craft with the tag line “I guess I am not very good at this”. This isn’t the first time I have seen such a thing, I am sure we have all seen the “Nailed it!” pictures where someone has tried to copy something they saw or wanted to try. In truth I have been tempted to post very similar things when I have tried something new and it didn’t turn out like I had hoped, and was a loooooong way from the picture of the thing I admired that made me want to try this new craft. Then my brain hit upon the good question. What did their first try look like?
We all have people whose work we admire. They do things that just blow our minds. And some of us brave souls even try to do these things, cause it looks cool and we are now inspired by their efforts! The thing we all seem to forget when we look at our efforts that didn’t turn out as we hoped, is that no one starts off as amazing. That thing you are admiring is the end result of hours and hours of effort, and learning, and loving it while you hate it. The “ah ha!”s and “Well darns.”. I once heard said that “The master has failed more times than the novice has even tried”. And it is so true. We all have to start some place.
The real trick to it all is to find something you enjoy, that you love, and do that. I craft because making things just does it for me. It makes me happy. Even the times I am pulling my hair out cause I can’t figure out how to make an idea work, or don’t quite understand what the pattern is trying to get me to do, makes me happy. Mistakes are moments to learn. Even if all I am relearning is just to be more careful about counting stitches.
I encourage you to find that thing, whatever it is, that you enjoy and makes you happy. Don’t worry about how your efforts measure up to anyone else’s. This isn’t a competition; this is finding your bliss.