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Dear Dreamer Reader

I write to you now in part because it is part of the blogging 101 course I am taking, but as I do I realized this also gives me a chance to tell you something that doesn’t really fit into any of my other posting ideas. I get this chance to tell you that I know you are out there, I know things aren’t always easy. You are not alone. There are more of us out here with these same troubles and challenges! It is a scary thing for me, these posts, they are a bearing of my soul, and a sharing of my inner thoughts. Because these little ah ha moments I have on my journey may help, so I share. Just like you, mine isn’t an easy journey. There are really 4 of you.

I want to first talk to you Moms. It’s tough. We have allot on our shoulders, and it doesn’t stop, not for a moment. There are moments you may want to give up, to walk away. But you wont. Love anchors you to these people, your family. What you do matters. Even when you clean one mess, go to do something else, come back and that mess is back. What you did counts, it matters. It’s so easy to feel it’s all pointless, that all you do is give, and no one seems to get it. I get it, and there are more of us out there. And You are Super Mom. Mondays on my blog are for you. And with any luck, something I write will hit home and help. That is my true hope in these posts. Keep going Super Mom, you are a great and mighty being.

Next I want to talk to you creative souls out there. The crafters, the writers, the makers of things. I have struggled long with my need to make. I spent so many years thinking I had no talents, no gifts. Nothing I do is that great. Heck I still feel that way sometimes. But that isnt the part that counts. I enjoy it. And there have been moments I have hit upon thoughts and ideas that have helped me truly embrace this part of me. And I want to share it. Because I spent years wanting to and giving myself reasons not to. It cost too much, I dont have time, I’m not gonna be any good at it anyway. All these thoughts that became road blocks. I have been blessed with supportive people who helped push me, who helped make it ok. And when I got down about it, cause I didnt think I was any good, they encouraged me. I want to do that for you. I want to share my ah ha moments on why it’s about your bliss, and what works for you. And all the great reasons why you should keep going. Wednesdays are for you, bless your creative nature. Keep at it. Make things, write, draw, paint, whatever it is. Enjoy it!

Thirdly I want to talk to those of you who read what I say just to follow my work. My writing, my crafting. I want to say thank you to you. Your support has meant the world to me. And in part it’s what has helped give me the confidence to keep progressing, to reach for that next big goal. Right now Fridays are when I will post updates.

Lastly, but not the least, to anyone who reads what I have to say, or sees what I do and gets something from it. You too matter. I may target the other three, but I hope something clicks for you too. We all need to be encouraged, we all need to find ways to see the world that help us enjoy it. Thank you for reading, and I hope you find something that you needed too.

From the depths of my heart Bek 1656360_555467467883169_723150243_n