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Another busy week has been survived here in The Studio! I have not made any crafting progress worth mentioning, but I have been getting my desk organized enough to become a better work space. Which is great, cause I have a ton of ideas, and some new chain maille rings coming!!! I am so excited about those! Hopefully I will have some WIPs done by next week and can put some pictures up. Until then I want to leave you with this parting thought. A wonderful gal I follow called Itchy Crochet posted something on a few sites the other day that hit me right between the eyes. It wasnt talking about me, but I have made the same statement about allot of what I do in the past.

“A crafty friend of mine once said (well she wrote it but you get the idea) “Oh, it’s just jewellery making, it’s not even like it’s hard”, OK, first things first it may not be hard to thread beads on to cord or open a jump ring with pliers but choosing which beads and charms look good together IS, and even when you get to the point where your colours work a professional polished finish is REALLY hard. What ever you do, what ever you are good at, not every one can do it, just because it’s easy for you does not mean it is easy. I am awesome and comedic and make it look easy, not everyone can do that. Take pride in your talents even if it’s just colouring inside the lines in a colouring book.”

I don’t know about you, but to me that is a pretty powerful statement. Her friend was saying it about her own stuff, and like I said, I can’t tell you how many times someone has told me how much they like my work, or how talented they think I am, esp when it comes to my jewelry, and I say the exact same thing. “It’s not hard. It’s just *insert craft here*” It’s hard to when things are easy for us to see how good we really are.