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Thus far we have agreed that yes, You are a Super Mom, and how to face The Mountain. Now I want to talk about something fun. Super Powers. Did you know you had them? If you are anything like me and many of the other moms I have known, I am sure you have noticed others’ super powers. The “I wish I could keep house like her” or “I wish I was crafty like her” or “I envy her ability to home school, I could never do that.” And we all know the mom that no matter what is going on stays calm and collected.
There are lots of powers out there, and they come in all kinds of combinations. It’s always easy for us to see them in others. Ever stop and wonder what ones You have? That’s right, you get super powers too!! I know, this is a hard one. At least for me it was. This means that for a moment, at least to ourselves, we have to brag a little bit. I hate doing that. Most moms I know are like that, they see the good in others but they only see their own short comings.
The ugly truth is I am not a great house keeper. There, I said it. It wasn’t hard, putting ourselves down never is. I can’t home school either. Now the hard part, the part that took me years to see. I am a crafty mom. Yes, crafting is one of my super powers. Playing with kids is one of my super powers. It was hard to type that. Ok, one more. *deep breath* I am a decent to good cook, depending on what I am making.
See what I did there? I owned my super powers. Yes I understand my short comings, they don’t matter, I do my best and have faced down the fact that I am not perfect. The trouble with facing something like that down is that it is to just keep spiraling down. To list all the short comings. Stop doing that! It’s not good for you. Know they are there, do your best and keep going.
Now for the challenge. Yes, this is a reader participation post today. I want you to sit down and list three super powers you have. What are you good at? It’s there, we all have them. When you have your list I want you to put it someplace you can see regularly. And in those moments when you are down, and feeling like a lesser mom I want you to do two things. Pick yourself up by your cape and go look at your kid(s). Yes, those little beings who love you very much, the ones that make things harder and better all at the same time. They are fed, clothed, cared for. You aren’t failing. Step two, read the list and if you can, read it out loud. Own Your Superpowers. This is part of why you are awesome. Even if no one ever says it. I am saying to you, sight unseen, You are awesome. This is a hard job, doesn’t matter if you have one kiddo or a bunch, if you stay at home or are working. It’s hard in its own way for all of us. My husband, wonderful man that he is, always tells me “You only fail when you give up. As long as you keep trying you are winning.”