One of the things that held me back for a long time on my creative journey was the fear of messing something up. I had things I held onto for a long time because I really liked it, but was saving it till I got better so I wouldn’t waste it or mess it up. Then one day I did something brave. I gave myself permission to mess it up. I sat down with a project idea I had been kicking around for a while and just said “Ok Bek, it is ok if this doesn’t turn out. You can mess this up completely and it is ok. You will never learn anything new if you don’t take any risks.” And it worked out that time.


Kindle case I made from a kit. I had to draw the design myself, it turned out way better then I thought it would.

Doing this has done allot of things for me. I have gotten bolder, braver and reached new levels of skills. I have also learned that sometimes “oops” is a good thing. I learned to let pieces just take shape. It doesn’t always go as planned, and sometimes if you can just follow the flow of change you can come out with something even better then you planned.


This is a hat made with a pattern I designed myself. It started life as an idea for a washcloth.

Sometimes you just learn what doesn’t work. Even then that can be a matter of taste. You may hate what you did, and someone else could love it.


A bracelet I made as part of a design challenge. I still hate it. The woman who bought it wanted it at first site.

The important part is to be brave, to try. Give yourself permission to make a mistake and let your inner child/creator/writer/crafter/photographer/singer play. It’s so freeing, and it can bring so much joy. Most of us never truly regret the doing of something, but we almost always regret letting fear stand between us and what could have been. And when you do fail, and there is no saving it, learn. Try again. I have more projects than I care to count where I had to undo, remake, redesign and just plain start over on.


French Beaded flowers made as a thank you gift. It took me 3 days and allot of redos before I was happy with it.