My Blogging 101 course has challenge me to write a post based on another post I have read recently. Gotta admit, the hardest part was deciding which one to use. There are allot of really great bloggers out there. So I read through the comments I had made recently and saw which one really got me to say something I could elaborate on. This Post kinda touched on the idea that we hate Mondays because we all hate Mondays.

This got the wheels turning in my own head about things we do simply because that seems to be the thing we do. The comment I made in response was
“Love the attitude! It’s very close to the one that has been taking hold of me lately. Embrace life and make it what you want! Also, I agree with the habits we pick up simply because they seem to be the way of things. Ever notice how many people will ask you how you are and not wait for the answer? “How are you?” has become a meaningless greeting for many.”

My new job has me working for the public, and I have noticed that most people will ask how someone is and just keep walking. Most people don’t seem to realize they have just asked about someone’s well being and then ignored the answer. Personally I like to shake this up a bit. I come back with things like “Fantasmic” or “Spiffytacular”, or just some other unusual come back. Even if I am not feeling that way, cause lets face it, no one runs to the store to listen to the employees grumble about their day. Most people do a double take kind of look at me and realize that yes, they are indeed engaged in a conversation with another person. I will ask them how they are, and they even seem to answer a little more honestly then the greeting version of “Fine.” and when possible I even try to make them smile.

What about you? Ever notice anything we do simply because that seems to be what we do?