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I’m cheating a bit here, but I am gonna let this post have double duty. My blogging 101 class set a challenge to write a post based on a daily prompt, so I started kinda peeking through them, and I found This One. I am in love with this idea. Not just for blogging, but for all my creative efforts. It’s like a challenge to myself when the creativity is running low. Cause let’s face it, we all have those days. Those days where you want to do……..something……and you sit down and stare at that blank page, that empty canvas, your stash of supplies, full of the burning desire to create, but what?

Life is easy when I am mid-project. I know what to do, I just do it. And maybe that is why I have so many WIPs laying about. But that new, undecided project is the killer. Being able to reach into a box and just pull out an idea, and let that fuel me? It’s so simple, I wonder why it had never dawned on me before. Even if as I go I stray from the idea, it is still that great starting point that sometimes we need help with.

I will be making my box soon. I will likely set up a temporary one out of whatever I can find on hand that works though. In all honesty the container doesn’t really matter, what ever works for you works. For me though, I want something special. Something I can decorate to reflect me and my creativity. I will call it my Muse Box, and fill it with words and pictures to inspire me. What about you? Will you make one? What kind of box/jar will you make, and what will you fill it with?