Hello everyone! So been busy busy, summer is coming, or rather is here, so the Younglings are out of school. This is good news for the blog because part of our summer plan is to work on writing skills, and since I try to work along with them, that means I can use all my hopefully great blog ideas as my projects. Also we are hopefully start The Great Room Shift, which should me I get organized and form better work habits. Here’s hoping! For now I will leave you with more promises to get on the ball and blog more *AND* a look at one of my latest efforts. I made this for a friend of the Fisherman. The pattern can be found here…….


This is mine


I changed the mouth on it, cause this was more what we wanted. Also used felt for the eyes instead of the crocheted ones in the pattern. But am loving how it turned out! Also, I hate taking selfies, so the fact I took this picture shows how much I love my followers!

What are you guys working on?