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Could it be? Am I actually writing a real blog post? Why yes, yes I am. It took me three days of penning this out in my pocket notebook during brakes at work, and another 2 days to remember to bring it into the house to copy it over, but here it is…..

If there is one thing we all face its Housework. This is a topic I touch on from time to time, mostly cause I am still learning how to be good at it. I’ve known many woman who are like Superman, or Thor, or Spiderman, it’s just one of their super powers. They keep tidy, often well decorated homes. A place for everything, and everything in it’s place. And those places are even pretty.

Me? I’m more like Batman. No in born talent, no radio active bug bites, no natural skills at it. It’s been a matter of training and good tools helping me defend our home against the Evil Dr DustBunny and all It’s nasty, grimy minions. And even now I am not great at it. I’ve gotten better over the years, but am still learning how best to fight the good fight.

My Mother is Bi-Polar. The pattern was she would be ok, then she would be depressed and things would slide into epic levels of mess. Then she would get better, and/or go manic and start doing what we have lovingly come to call “Disaster Management”, and try to fix it. This was normal to us, and it wasn’t til I was in my mid to late teens I started to realize that this is uncommon and a really bad way to go about house keeping.

Needless to say I didn’t form good habits early on in life. I am still getting the hang of proper maintenance cleaning, instead of falling back onto to Disaster Management. I am also still working on getting better at how to properly organize our home so it can be easier to keep up on.

My Mother-in-law was a great house keeper/home maker. One day fairly early on in my marriage I asked her how she did it, how did she make the house shine and feel clean. Her response was “You just do it.” This was, at the same time, the most profound, and the least helpful answer to my question. Yes, the trick of it is to “just do it”. And there are some days we just have to make ourselves get up off our butts and make ourselves get things done. Trouble is I had to no clue what “It” was. I mean sure, I had the basics down, pick things up, put them away, how to sweep, mop, dust, vacuum and wipe things down. But creating “aways” for things, what all I should be wiping down/scrubbing (aside from the most obvious) and how often, it was all a mystery to me.

So for all my fellow Batman style house keepers I want to post up some of the things that have helped me both get on track with keeping up with my home better, and have made doing the work more fun(ish)……

Music. I love to listen to music when I clean. Yes I even dance some times. There is nothing like music that moves you to help keep you moving.

It can be a game. Sometimes I make it the type of game where I get the Younglings to take on challenges with points awarded for getting them done. Sometimes I give myself points for getting things done, with a list of treats for myself I can “buy” with my points. Sometimes I play pretend. I am a princess forced to clean the castle of an evil witch. Or I am a super hero and fighting some evil forces, either for the sake of beating it, or to rescue someone. There are any number of ways you can use that idea, have fun with it.

Make lists and a schedule. When I do this and stick to it this works great for me, but if anything throws me off it can be hard for me to get back on track. I take a little calendar or a day planner and I just write it all out. I make a list of everything I need to do and how often, then I schedule it out around whatever else I have going on. Monday I do these basics and this extra thing that has to be done from time to time. Tuesday I do the basics and this other semi-regular task. So forth and so on.

Pinterest. Pinterest has tons of listing of how to do things, the types of things you should do to keep a clean(er) house and how often they should be done. I have a whole board dedicated to this topic.

Theres an App for that! Just like pinterest there are apps out there that tell you the whats, whens and hows. Which brings me to my next tip

UFYH! Ok, I am gonna warn you on this one. Adult language is used on this site and with this app. If that doesnt bother you then I highly recommend this!! It is my current method and reigning favorite right now. Sure I do the other stuff, but this has allot of great ideas. It is also written less like BHG and more like the way my mind thinks. She has some great blog posts, and lists of whats and whens. And the 20/10 timer. There is an app that goes with it, and both have helped me. The link is Here

I hope some or all of this helps you! If you have an great tips, tricks, or ideas that work for you please share them with me!!